Our team

Our biggest asset is a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary, international team bound by a common value: to create a positive impact in our world.

We Are Passionate

The two co-founders, Efi and Brian met in Ireland (at Trinity College Dublin) while doing post-doctoral research in genetics. Their research focused on deciphering the mechanisms of genetic regulation and gene expression. After several years of academic research and driven by their impulse to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals they decided to apply their scientific knowledge and skills into addressing tangible, real-world problems. They brought their idea into life by building a Synthetic Genomics platform and founding Synovance. Rima and Olivier shared the desire to make positive changes in the world and joined soon after with their complementary skills in operations and finance, respectively, nicely completing the skills set of the team.


Brian Jester

PhD Genetics

Efi Lioliou

PhD Biochemistry, MSc HEC

Olivier Fouques

Strain Development Team Leader

Radoslaw Ejsmont

PhD in Biology
Molecular Biology Scientist

Yankel Chekli

PhD in Microbiology
Molecular Biology Scientist

Angelo Cardoso Batista

PhD in Synthetic Biology
Bioproduction R&D Scientist

Stefan Vukmanovic

PhD in Technology Engineering
Postdoctoral fellow (APOGEE/MSCA)

Vijay Ingole

PhD in Biophysics
Bioprocess Engineer

Fatma Hachani

Fermentation Engineer

Oguzhan Gedik

Fermentation Engineer

Paul Tcherkawsky

Assistant Engineer

Ophélie Lautier



Rima Ghemraoui

PhD in Engineering

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