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The world's population is expected to rise to 9 Billion people by 2050. Correlated with this population growth is the global demand for resources. Current production practices and our dependence on petrochemical products is clearly not sustainable.

The bio-based economy uses plant-derived resources for producing fuels, chemicals, materials, food and feed. The use of engineered organisms that are capable of efficiently converting biomass into high value molecules is a prerequisite for the transition to sustainable factories of the future.

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Our vision

The Fashion industry needs to become much more sustainable – and fast.

The textile industry has created a big environmental problem. It is the second most chemically intensive industry in the world, and the biggest polluter of fresh water. In one of the most complex supply chains, all steps from raw material extraction to fabric manufacturing contribute to the problem.

Even though several initiatives exist to address the impact that the textile industry has on the environment the production of textile dyes has remained unchanged for over a century.

How it works

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Using proprietary methods we rationally design our microorganisms and introduce into their DNA the desired pathways that are responsible for producing the dyes

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Our "designer" microorganisms ferment sugars and salts and convert them to dyes !

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Sustainable dyes

The microorganisms are lysed and the valuable product (pigment) is isolated and purified using biochemical methods.

Next generation sustainable pigments

Our bio-produced pigments are:

  • Pure molecules (GMOs free) identical to the synthetic ones
  • A “plug and play” solution: they replace directly the chemical
    equivalents; no change in the process of dyeing required
  • Free of any harmful chemicals
  • Sustainable – upscaling biomass that would otherwise go to landfills
  • Locally produced

All in all we have created a cradle-to-cradle, sustainable solution for our customers!

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