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The Fashion industry needs to become much more sustainable – and fast

The textile industry has created a big environmental problem. It is the second most chemically intensive industry in the world, and the biggest polluter of fresh water. In one of the most complex supply chains, all steps from raw material extraction to fabric manufacturing contribute to the problem.

Even though several initiatives exist to address the impact that the textile industry has on the environment the production of textile dyes has remained unchanged for over a century.

Our work is focused on replacing the toxic synthetic dyes that damage the environment with bio-produced eco-friendly ones. For example, to convert crude oil into indigo dye it takes nine different chemicals including aniline and cyanide, both considered health hazards. These chemicals inevitably escape from the factories to pollute the environment.

At Synovance we are providing alternative textile dyes. We produce our dyes from microorganisms using industrial waste as raw material. Our innovative bio-based solutions are sustainable, do not pollute the environment and divert hundreds of tons of waste from landfills.

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