Biotechnology… For a Colorful and Sustainable World

Biotechnology… For a Colorful and Sustainable World

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Revolutionary Synthetic Genomic platform

The world's population is expected to rise to 9 Billion people by 2050. Correlated with this population growth is the global demand for resources. Current production practices and our dependence on petrochemical products is clearly not sustainable.

The bio-based economy uses plant-derived resources for producing fuels, chemicals, materials, food and feed. The use of engineered organisms that are capable of efficiently converting biomass into high value molecules is a prerequisite for the transition to sustainable factories of the future.

At Synovance, we created a revolutionary Synthetic Genomic platform to engineer rationally designed genomes from the bottom up, faster and cheaper than ever before. These genomes are tailor-made to produce sustainable chemicals, in particular colors. Additionally we process biomass so we can now valorize this low-cost material as feedstock for our fermentations. As a result, we are able to provide products at a very competitive price. At Synovance, we engage the circular economy values to offer a sustainable solution for our customers.

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