Engineering a sustainable future

Our Technology

We cut on average 40% off your time to market by addressing the major bottleneck of any new biotech project: rapidly generating robust production strains. To this end, we have developed an entirely new technology platform for Synthetic Genomics that enables us to develop customised strains suited for a diverse range of functions. Starting from the desired end uses for a strain, we design and assemble customised secondary genomes that are uniquely purpose-built. These rationally designed genomes encode genes and complete biosynthetic pathways that enable the cell to perform specific functions. This is a disruptive technology that can be suitable to a wide-range of potential applications and uses. Currently, there is no other company that provides services for the design and engineering of customised genomes.

Technology platform

Our technology platform consists of a suite of proprietary tools, both computational and molecular, for the design and assembly of genomes. In addition to the new tools that we have invented, we have established a computer guided genome development pipeline that streamlines the engineering process. This pipeline begins by using proprietary algorithms to analyse relevant genomic datasets, followed by the in silico design of the genome. The DNA fragments to be purchased are computationally optimised to increase the success rate of DNA synthesis and ordered from a company. We then assemble the fragments into a functional genome using a variety of proprietary in vitro and in vivo methods.

Our proprietary genome editing methods are now commercially available in the form of the Simply Seamless DNA assembly and cloning kit.


We have applied our tools to improve the yield and stability of strains that produce industrially important molecules. The generic nature of our technology allows us to apply these tools to the production of a wide range of different chemicals, commodities and therapeutic molecules.