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Products & Service

Our core product is a Cloning and DNA Assembly Kit.

We also provide support and expertise to help you design and build your DNA genetic constructs and strains (integrations, deletions, mutations…).

For more information about our customized strain development services, please send us email at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Our Simply Seamless Cloning and DNA Assembly Kit enables :

  • The simultaneous and directional cloning of 1 to 4 PCR fragments.
  • DNA fragments can be either synthetic DNA purchased from a commercial provider or PCR fragments.
  • The assembly is completely sequence independent, no need to add or remove restriction sites from your DNA.
  • Can direct fragments into any location within any vector of your choice.
  • The reaction is complete in a single 30-minute, 37°C reaction.

Simply Seamless Kit is the economical choice for creating constructs up to 13kb with the option for high-throughput in vitro assembly.

The kit is shipped UPS in dry ice. You can order it by email at or by writing to us through our contact form.