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Q: How would you describe the innovative concept of your startup?


A: We use proprietary AI methods that allow us to design and build secondary chromosomes in bacterial cells that are instructed to maximize the expression of the genes of interest. Based on our technology, we produce valuable compounds, and specifically proteins (e.g. alpha-lactalbumin) suitable for human consumption. Thus, we are addressing the ever-increasing demand for protein. Additionally, we have developed technologies to extract sugars from lignocellulosic waste. We use these sugars as raw material in our fermentations thus embracing the circular economy concept. 


Q: What is your business model?


A: We aim to use our biotechnologically produced proteins as food ingredients (e.g. in protein bars) and sell them to big actors in the food industry. Once profitable, we will distribute part of our production to NGOs, to distribute it to malnourished people. We remain very socially focused on our endeavor.

Q: What’s your competitive advantage?


A: Additionally to our innovative concept, the fact that we use waste as raw materials for our fermentations allows us to valorize tons of waste that otherwise would go to landfill. Also, as we get this waste for free, we lower our costs and we are able to offer a competitive price. 


Q: Where are you today?


A: We have won several awards and labels and have secured some initial funding. This allowed us to develop our products at the lab scale. We have developed our first product, a DNA cloning Kit and are moving to the commercialisation phase of this product. We also wish to set up and develop the next step, the pilot scale of dyes. Thus, we continue looking for funds. If you want to support our mission and us this is a unique opportunity!


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Our Mission

Synovance is a biotechnology company, incubated at Genopole (Evry) and Station F (Paris) Our goal addresses three global issues: sustainability, pollution, and waste […]